Giveaways, promotions and discounts on aesthetic treatments for Valentine’s Day can mask bad ‘praxis’

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During this week and until February 14, Valentine’s Day, there are many promotions, raffles and offers that are given in the aesthetic medicine sector, a practice contrary to the code of ethics of the profession and that, according to the alert Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME), “can cause serious damage to the health of patients.”

“These campaigns seek to attract a greater number of ‘patients’, which is why they lower prices or organize raffles for facial and / or body aesthetic treatments. The result is a decrease in the quality of the treatments and products used, as well as of the adequacy of the same to each patient, with the consequent risk to their health “, they warn.

The training of the professional, the time spent and the product should be the same in these promotions or giveaways as when they are accessed on another date. For this reason, SEME recommends to the population that they do not value an aesthetic treatment based on whether the promotion is “more or less attractive”, and that they always follow the criteria of a qualified doctor who practices in authorized clinics.

“We insist on the message because there are many cases of intrusion and complaints that we have received in recent years. The lack of visibility of this problem leads to a generalized feeling of impunity and an erroneous perception of normality,” they point out.

In addition, they emphasize that these actions that can endanger the lives of those who undergo this type of procedure. Since January 2018, the SEME has received and processed more than 366 complaints, of which 150 correspond to 2020.

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